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  •  A solo show of new work by Margaret Corcoran, Emergence will open on Sept 30th at 7.30pm 

John Philip Murray

The works in this exhibition cover a seemingly disparate group of subjects, made over a period of years, all linked to an inward search for an understanding of the world.  The artist describes this as: Trying to explain the world to himself.

Murray is driven by the need to examine humanity and hold a belief in people, despite our obvious failings as a species.  Inside himself he see a mirror image of what is outside him; the same hopes, aspirations and disasters of other people.

“For me, the purpose of drawing or painting is to order my thoughts, rather than simply to paint things as I see them.

As often as not, my starting point for a picture, or a series of pictures, will come from literature, poetry, music, history, mythology, etc.

I spend considerably longer in thinking, rather than making.  The older I get, the more I find that I have become committed, unconsciously, to working ever more slowly.  The urgency “to produce” being tempered by the knowledge that what I make will have to find its own way in the world and ought to be the best that I can make it…….and yet, the work is like some stubborn, disobedient child…..destined to be misunderstood!”


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