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  •  A solo show of new work by Margaret Corcoran, Emergence will open on Sept 30th at 7.30pm 

Bernadette Kiely, Neal Greig and Imelda Kilbane
An exhibition of new paintings by Irish painters Bernadette Kiely, Neal Greig and Imelda Kilbane will be officially opened by Aidan Dunne on Saturday November 30th at 7.30pm.  These three painters share a capacity to interpret their natural surroundings in a fresh and inimitable way.  Each artist twists the landscape a fraction and hands it back to us in an unforgettable light. Coming away from these works the viewer’s appreciation of Irish countryside and shoreline is wonderfully renewed.


Bernadette Kiely’s paintings and drawings convey her fascination with and passion for ephemeral, transient phenomena in nature.Bernadette is known for her large-scale works, which involve a detailed exploration of the natural world. She concentrates on flux, growth and atmospheric change in nature in small, little known areas of the landscape through the elements of air, fire, water and earth.  She conjures in her work fleeting weather related phenomena such as fog, mist and flooding.  Her paintings of the River Nore convey a mystic atmosphere that is viscerally engaging and sublime.

Through his vibrant palette, bold mark-making and often-theatrical compositions, Neal Greig masterfully depicts the magical setting of the ancient forests and rolling green hills of Monaghan. The dramatically changing seasons provide endless inspiration for these exuberant landscapes, which never fail to transmit the energy of nature.  The powerful Atlantic Ocean is celebrated in his paintings completed in the Ballinglen artist residency, as well as on Coney Island. 

Imelda Kilbane’s work is inspired by the topography and climate of Achill Island. The artist seeks to recreate in her work, the passion that is stirred by the West Coast of Ireland.  Atmosphere, drawn from themes such as beauty and isolation are addressed to create an image that’s unseen or less visceral in direct representations.  The artist works with a pitch palette of treacle, char, silver, turquoise and navy to achieve a masterful use of space and scale. In her mixed media works on paper, she uses goache, acrylic, indian ink, pigments and found natural objects such as heather and crushed windscreen glass. Kilbane’s paintings capture the theatre of the natural landscape and render her native island in all its majestic bleakness.


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