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  •  A solo show of new work by Margaret Corcoran, Emergence will open on Sept 30th at 7.30pm 

Elements - Imelda Kilbane 27th Oct - 23rd November
The Elements
An Exhibition by Imelda Kilbane
October 27th – Friday November 23rd
The Elements is Imelda Kilbane’s solo exhibition debut.  The artist’s work is inspired by the topography and climate of Achill Island.  Kilbane’s paintings capture the theatre of the natural landscape and render her native island in all its majestic bleakness.  Drawing on themes of beauty and isolation, Kilbane’s paintings engage us viscerally.

This exhibition’s title refers to the Classical Elements of Earth, Water Air and Fire, but it also calls to mind the Elements of Art, or building blocks that can be isolated and defined, such as line shape and form, space colour and texture. In her mixed media works on paper, the artist uses goache, acrylic, indian ink, pigments and found natural objects such as heather and crushed windscreen glass.
Bogland, is a beautiful depiction of the drama of the rugged landscape. The frenetic strokes in the centre of the painting suggest a thunderous horizon but the earth is solid, grounded by horizontal lines, giving a sense of repose and a feeling of the landscape’s ancientness. One can almost smell the sodden peat. In the upper part of the painting, we see the calm, silver sky beyond the thunderstorm.
In Descent, a palette of pitch blacks and steely blues seduces us, a wind-whipped thicket of trees or bushes appears to be drawn up by the Heavens. The spider-limbed forms on the horizon contribute to the painting’s mystic, somewhat eerie atmosphere. Heath depicts a shrub land habitat characterized by open low growing woody vegetation. Bold vertical lines darting up into a sepia sky create a joyous symphonic atmosphere.
The artist works with a pitch palette of treacle, char, silver and navy to achieve a masterful use of space and scale in the small painting, Enclosure. She manages to depict an epic sky, a silver lining barely discernible in the blackest of thunderclouds; smoky whites contrasting beautifully with the thick gritty bogland. In Eventide, Kilbane depicts the warmth draining from the evening sky. Bars of silver, in silky horizontal strokes, lead the viewer’s gaze towards a vast openness. In November, we behold another awesome vista, almost apocalyptic in atmosphere. A palette of murky blacks captures the swell of the sea while fractured diagonal lines convey a fearsome electrical storm.
Claremorris Gallery is delighted to have the opportunity to introduce this young art graduate and we hope you will be able to come and view her work.

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