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  •  A solo show of new work by Margaret Corcoran, Emergence will open on Sept 30th at 7.30pm 

Livestock and Landscape - Jay Murphy
Livestock and Landscape presents a selection of recent work by Jay Murphy.  The exhibition is a celebration of humanity found in nature and is inspired by the artist’s time spent in Turkey, Corsica, Germany, Spain and most prominently, her home in Connemara.

April 12 - May 10, 2008

Jay Murphy’s vibrant and energetic landscapes are well known.  The preoccupation with the relationship between man and the land is a theme which has consistently emerged in the artist’s oeuvre. Murphy’s depictions of animals in this exhibition are inspired mostly by her neighbouring farm. According to the artist, ‘the visit of the bull and the birth of the calves are always a great source of drama’.  She routinely observes the farmer and his workhorse ploughing a field or the farrier at work and these sensitive agricultural narratives are always set against the backdrop of the land itself, as it changes with seasonal activities.


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