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  •  A solo show of new work by Margaret Corcoran, Emergence will open on Sept 30th at 7.30pm 

Camille Souter
Born in Northampton, England in 1929, Camille Souter was raised in Ireland and studied nursing at Guy's Hospital in London. She took up painting in the 1950s while recovering from illness, when she traveled through Italy and sold work in Milan and Rome. She returned to Ireland in 1956 and has exhibited in all the major Irish group shows, including the Irish Exhibition of Living Art (1957-73); Independent Artists, Dublin (1960-79); 12 Irish Painters, New York (1963); Oireachtas Exhibition (1970-78); The Delighted Eye, which toured Ireland and London (1980); and Art Inc. and Figurative Image, both in Dublin in 1991. The Douglas Hyde Gallery held a retrospective of her work in 1980. Many of her landscape paintings, with subtle gradations of light and colour, have been the result of her experience as an amateur airplane pilot. Her other subject matter has included still life’s, slaughterhouses and butchered meat, war pictures and a series painted in underground mines. She won the Landscape Award at the Oireachtas Exhibition in 1973; the Gainey Award, shared with Patrick Collins, in 1975; the Prix de Ville de Monaco in 1977; and first prize at the Claremorris National Art Exhibition in 1978. She lives on Achill Island.


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