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  •  A solo show of new work by Margaret Corcoran, Emergence will open on Sept 30th at 7.30pm 


Margaret Corcoran | emergence
A solo show, emergence by Margaret Corcoran, will open on Saturday Sept 30th at 7.30pm. The show will run until october 14th during gallery hours, 1- 6pm wed. to sat., and after that the show can be viewed by appointment until October 14th, (087) 7912337.
Tree bears fruit is a solo show by Sligo based artist, Michael Wann.  Opening reception will take place at 7.30pm, Sat. August 26th.  

Kaye Maahs


Claremorris Gallery is delighted to debut recent fine art graduate of the GMIT, Kaye Maahs.  The exhibition, Here, there and somewhere in between | land, sea and bog, will open in Claremorris Gallery on July 22nd at 7.30 and will run until August 4th.  The artist is a native of Kerry and has been living and working in the Burren, County Clare since 2003.  . 



Bernadette Kiely
BERNADETTE KIELY | the colour of distance

The blue of distance and desire….…distorts the clarity of vision…..what we are looking at…..the colour of where you are not…( Rebecca Solnit, A field guide to getting lost, 2005 ).

Claremorris Gallery is pleased to present the colour of distance, an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Bernadette Kiely. The exhibition will open with a reception on Saturday June, 10th, 2017.  

In this exhibition Kiely presents various strands of her practice. 

Best known for her paintings of river and flooded landscapes based on the themes of the passage of time and the transient, fragile nature of the physical world, Kiely is inspired by the riverrine landscape in which she lives (the river Nore) and the river Suir, where she grew up. 
Her references include philosophies of time, of distance and of perception. She employs imagery from her own photographic practice, geographical and historical landscapes, maps and weather imagery and topographical and archaelogical drawing. She also refers to places and objects as sites of memory as related to her family history.

Her oil paintings, employing a spare, restrained palette, depict shifting weather patterns such as flooding, mists and fog, which alter and distort familiar landscapes and our experience of vision. 

These sit alongside monotype drawings of areas in flood and objects in shadow. 

The essay ‘The Blue of Distance by Rebecca Solnit (A field guide to getting lost, 2005)  inspired a series of small paintings based on sea and mountain areas of Mayo and Donegal, where she spends periods of time on an annual basis. These are places and spaces where distance is often the only thing visible.

Below is Aidan Dunne's essay that accompanies this show.
7.30pm, May 6th: Zephyr - Alice Maher
Zephyr; works on paper by Alice Maher, opens in Claremorris Gallery at 7.30pm, May 6th.  

In Alice Maher’s show Zephyr; works on paper, we see the breadth and variety of her practice in drawing, print and watercolour. Maher’s reference points include art history, mythic narrative and, more recently, medical textbooks. Her shape shifting figures call down and mischievously intervene with the oft times problematic representation of the feminine throughout all of these fields.  Zephuros was the god of the west wind in Greek mythology, and appears on many archaic world maps, blowing ships off course and keeping civilisation confined to the ‘known world’. In Maher’s watercolour, Zephyr, a giant female figure with covered eyes exhales a storm from her open mouth, like a modern dragon in her yellow swimsuit, while in her hand she holds a mysterious amoeba-like object.  This mix of mythic, contemporary and scientific imagery hints at a world of continuous flux, where overlapping elements and intermediate states hold sway.

Island Living
Island Living is an exhibition of new paintings by Aidan Crotty, Beatrice O'Connell, Paula Pohli, Peter Burns, Jennifer Cunningham and Ann Quinn. Show opens on Saturday April 8th at 7.30 and runs for two weeks until Friday 21st, Wed to Sat 1-6pm and any time outside of that by appointment, (087) 7912337

This show came about when the gallery's program was reshuffled and a window opened in the diary. Group shows can be like jumble sales; mixemgatherems of disparate works taken from artists with little common ground.  I invited these artists at short notice, without any curatorial premise or idea, but whose work I intuitively felt would hang together well, both thematically and visually.

Christmas Group Show, 2016

December 10th, 2016, Christmas Exhibition


Chris Leach, Mollie Douthit, Martin Gale, Allyson Keehan, Imelda Kilbane, Jay Murphy, Gary Robinson, Varvara Shavrova and Rose Stapleton

Mulled wine and Mince Pies at 7.30pm, Saturday December 10th.

Exhibition continues until Christmas Eve and our seasonal visitors are welcome over the festive season by appointment; (087) 7912337

Breda Burns
Breda Burns' Solo exhibition, Between Tides and Peripheries will run from Oct 29th to 
November 12th, open 1-6pm Monday to Friday, and it will continue open by appointment until November 18th.
The following excerpt is taken from an interview by Ciara Moynan and Breda Burns in the Mayo News.

Exploring the Borderlines
An Excerpt from interview with Ciara Moynihan and Breda Burns.

Stepping out the back door of Westport artist Breda Burns’ house is like stepping into an artwork.
Clew Bay opens up around and in front of you, majestic, fluid, muddy, wild. The shallows of low
tide reveal an undulating mass of silt, rock, seaweed and algae. High tide waters, driven by whims
of weather and season, bob, throb, roar. The soundscape laps and crashes; caws, whips and
shrills. It’s a world’s edge.
And it’s this idea of the edge—of boundary and margin—coupled with the ebb and flow of tidal
brine where ‘Europe ends and the Atlantic begins’ that informs Breda’s current exhibition of new
work, ‘Between Tides and Peripheries’. The show was officially opened in Claremorris Gallery on
Saturday night last by fellow artist, Dr Dragana Jurisic, who herself recently exhibited in Mayo as
part of the Westport Arts Festival.
A multimedia exhibition, it contains 21 panoramic photographic works, eight large ink and pigment
drawings, five smaller wire drawings, two acrylics and a video incorporating time-lapse and film

Those familiar with Breda’s body of work will instantly notice a shift in the art on display in
Claremorris. For one thing, gone are the written words that so marked much of her previous work.
“In ways the pieces in this exhibition – and it was not my intention – they’re landscapes or
seascapes. They don’t appear with any writing across them, but I hope the messages that I was
writing are still there, and that people can add their own – because that’s the whole point of it.”
Breda worked on the show’s concept for some time before it took shape in her mind, and much of
that work was done within the creative space given to her by two artist residencies.
“I would have put the thought processes into them during the residencies,” she explains. “One
residency was at Noelle Campbell-Sharp’s international artists’ retreat, Cill Rialaig in County Kerry,
the other was at Sheila Flanagan’s self-run ArtFarm near Ballygar in east Galway. I did the
preliminary drawings and stuff there, pulling ideas apart. And that’s half the work of creating.”
The plein air movement, whereby artists work outdoors while rendering the scenes in front of them
to canvas, has also had a strong impact on Breda’s recent work.
Wild Spaces
Wild Spaces is a solo exhibition of new work by Neal Greig. Neal works extensively en plein air in the wildest and most rugged Irish Landscape.  
Our Summer Group Show runs concurrently with Wild Spaces and features work by Imelda Kilbane, Shane Clyne and Bernadette Kiely.
This show opens on July 23rd and will run until August 5th, open Wed to Sat 1 - 6pm.  It will then continue by appointment until Saturday, August 13th, (087) 7912337.

A Foreign Land
A Foreign Land presents new work by Peter Burns.  This large scale exhibition of painting and sculpture offers a fantastic representation of this young artist's current work.  

The following is an essay by Patrick T. Murphy on this exhibition.

Peter Burns

A Moral Vision.

Amid the glorious masterpieces of the Prado in Madrid, there is a room containing the work of Brueghel and Bosch. On the recent visit, the paintings contained there seemed to speak to me louder and clearer than they ever had before. Perhaps their density of subject, their high register of colour had for that moment a particular resonance for my own life and time. The variety of character, the bestiary, the situations – comic and tragic, offered a companionship that the regal though humanist portraits of Velazquez didn’t. Perhaps in the internecine contemporary world of connectivity - a la carte media, the Internet – and the resulting erosion of a common public society made their late medievalism more relevant to life as it is lived today. 
Conor McGrady and Mick O'Dea - The 2016 Exhibition
An exhibtion of new work by Conor McGrady and Mick O'Dea will run from May 7th - May 19th, during gallery hours, wed to sat, 1-6pm.  After that the show will be opened by appointment until May 29th, (087) 7912337.
Dec 5th at 7.30pm Christmas Group Show
Christmas Group Exhibition, featuring Brian Bourke, Peter Burns, Aidan Crotty, Anne Donnelly, Neal Greig, Allyson Keehan, Bernadette Kiely, Chris Leach, Jay Murphy, Mary Noonan, Paula Pohli, Rose Stapleton and Michael Wann.

Reception: Saturday December 5th at 7.30pm

This exhibition will be open from 1 - 6pm, Wednesday to Saturday until December 12th, and until December 23rd by appointment (087) 791 2337.
Mayo God Help Us!

Until Nov. 21st;  wed - sat 1 - 6pm and until Nov. 28th by appointment (087) 7912337 

Aidan Dunne's review of Exhibition in Irish Times Nov. 10th

Mayo God Help Us! is one of the most enigmatic of Irish catchphrases, the origins of which remain shrouded in uncertainty and argument.  Some of the country’s leading visual artists have attempted to unravel the age old phrase via this exhibition.

Almost two hundred artists, who live or have lived in County Mayo responded to a challenge to engage with the phrase “Mayo God Help Us” by producing work which would explore and capture the underlying essence of the expression - as they interpreted it.

This challenge and brief was set by Rosemarie Noone, Director of Claremorris Gallery, in collaboration with Gaynor Seville of Mayo County Council’s Arts Office.  It drew an immediate response from the artistic community and Catherine Marshall, former head of Collections at IMMA and Patrick Murphy, director of the RHA have selected this strong exhibition which includes the following artists;

Breda Burns

Peter Burns

Aoife Casby


Martin Gale and Charles Tyrrell
On Saturday Sept 12th at 7.30 an exhibition of new work by Martin Gale and Charles Tyrrell will open at Claremorris Gallery.  Also on the same evening will be the official opening of the Claremorris Open Exhibition, a good night to visit Claremorris!  

The following are images of some of the works in this very special exhibition.
Saturday July 11th - Summer Group Show
Our summer group show features new work by Tommy Casby, Paula Pohli, Neal Greig, Eddie Kennedy, Pam Harris and Rose Stapleton. Show opens at 7.30pm July 11th,  Please call Roseamarie for further information (087) 7912337.

Below please find a sample of the work in the show.  
Saturday May 23: Two Exhibitions
Two concurrent exhibitions will open in Claremorris Gallery on May 23rd: 
Littoral - a solo show of new work by Imelda Kilbane
Group Sculpture show, with work by Peter Burns, Vanessa Donoso Lopez, John McHugh, Tim Morris and Janet Mullarney.  This show inaugurates our new Sculpture Court.
New work by Donald Teskey, Brian Bourke, Jay Murphy and Gene Lambert opening this Saturday March 28th at 7.30pm.

Quadrapartite "consisting of or divided into four parts; something shared or participated in by four parties of persons."

Sept 13th: Allyson Keehan
An exhibition of new work by Allyson Keehan opens on Saturday September 13th at 7.30pm.  This exhibition continues until October 4th.

July 26th at 7.30pm - "Entropy" featuring Michael Wann, Gillian Lawler and Aidan Crotty
Entropy is a three person show featuring new work by Aidan Crotty, Gillian Lawler and Michael Wann.  
Still Places - Sat June 21st - July 11th
"Still Places" features new work by Ann Quinn, Chris Leach and Daniel Lipstein.
John Philip Murray

The works in this exhibition cover a seemingly disparate group of subjects, made over a period of years, all linked to an inward search for an understanding of the world.  The artist describes this as: Trying to explain the world to himself.

Murray is driven by the need to examine humanity and hold a belief in people, despite our obvious failings as a species.  Inside himself he see a mirror image of what is outside him; the same hopes, aspirations and disasters of other people.

“For me, the purpose of drawing or painting is to order my thoughts, rather than simply to paint things as I see them.

As often as not, my starting point for a picture, or a series of pictures, will come from literature, poetry, music, history, mythology, etc.

I spend considerably longer in thinking, rather than making.  The older I get, the more I find that I have become committed, unconsciously, to working ever more slowly.  The urgency “to produce” being tempered by the knowledge that what I make will have to find its own way in the world and ought to be the best that I can make it…….and yet, the work is like some stubborn, disobedient child…..destined to be misunderstood!”

George Moore Society's Famine Gollection

Mr Jimmy Deenihan TD, Minister for the Arts, Heritage and Gaeltactht Affairs, officially opened an important exhibition at Claremorris Gallery on Saturday March 29th.  The exhibition includes paintings and sculpture from the George Moore Society’s Famine Collection.  It features large-scale works by some of the country’s most renowned modern and contemporary painters including Louis le Brocquy, Hughie O’Donoghue, Basil Blackshaw, Bernadette Kiely, Tony O’Malley, Brian Bourke and Micheal Farrell.  The exhibition represents just half of the George Moore’s Society’s entire Famine collection which is being exhibited in Ireland for the first time in almost twenty years.  The exhibition which appears on the front page of the Irish Times on March 31st along with a piece by Lorna Siggins on page seven will also feature on RTE's Nationwide program on April 9th.


Bernadette Kiely, Neal Greig and Imelda Kilbane
An exhibition of new paintings by Irish painters Bernadette Kiely, Neal Greig and Imelda Kilbane will be officially opened by Aidan Dunne on Saturday November 30th at 7.30pm.
Peter Burns and Mary Noonan
On friday October 18th at 7.30pm Mr. Patrick Murphy, director of the Royal Hibernian Academy will officially open an exhbition of new paintings and sculpture by Peter Burns and Mary Noonan.
American author, James Baldwin maintained, “the purpose of art is to lay bare the questions, which have been hidden by the answers.” Mary Noonan and Peter Burns do just that. They push boundaries in both the form and content of their work. Both artists ask questions, jostle fixed notions by proposing alternatives in a multiplicity of narratives.


Noonan’s work engages with Irish myths and folklore. These stories and other research act as a starting point, rather than an end point for the artist. Noonan is particularly captivated by stories about fairies and by the superstitions associated with, among other things, the fairy tree.  This fascination is apparent in her piece entitled, Don’t Mess with a Fairy Tree, which depicts an unsuspecting figure climbing a ladder, which has just been set alight, and in the bottom right hand corner of the painting lies a discarded box of matches.

The person looks set for certain doom with a vulture descending into the tree.  The Hawthorn tree, very often stands alone in a field and is never felled or interfered with by the farmer, for to do so would bring enormous bad luck one’s way, or so the story goes. While the painting stems from this superstition the artist has transformed and transposed it. The introduction of a non-native majestic Bird of Prey takes us away from rural Ireland, and the jeans and wellies sported by the climbing figure transposes the myth from an ancient to a contemporary context.  The piece, in common with much of Noonan’s work is mysterious, foreboding and fun. The mystery is who set the tree alight?

In Joint at the Hip, we see a conjoined male and female tripod wearing 

Culture Night, Friday Sept 20th at 7.30pm
For Culture night, we have invited artist Brian Bourke to give an illustrated talk on his own work and that of his contemporary, Micheal Farrell.  It promises to be an informative, enlightening and lively evening. 
Saturday June 15th at 7.30pm
Our Summer Group Exhibition will open on Saturday June 15th and will feature new and recent works by Brian Bourke, Fergus Delargy, Neal Greig, Imelda Kilbane, Jay Murphy and Janet Pierce.  The exhition will run until July 3rd.
Saturday April 20th
This three person show features Aidan Crotty, Ann Quinn and Gillian Lawler. More images to follow shortly.  For now, here is a sneak preview of each artist.
Aidan Crotty, Gillian Lawler and Ann Quinn
On Saturday April 20th Claremorris Gallery will present a three person show including Aidan Crotty, Gillian Lawler and Ann Quinn.  This exhibition will feature over thirty new works by the artists and will run from April 20th to May 17th.  
Christmas Group Exhibtion
Our Christmas Group exhibition will include new and recent paintings by Peter Burns, Martin Gale, Neal Greig, Chris Leach, Mary Noonan, Marc Reilly and Lorraine Wall. The opening reception is at 7.30 on Saturday December 1st.  The exhibition continues until December 23rd.  

Elements -New Work by Imelda Kilbane
The Elements
An Exhibition by Imelda Kilbane
October 27th – Friday November 23rd
The Elements is Imelda Kilbane’s solo exhibition debut.  The artist’s work is inspired by the topography and climate of Achill Island.  Kilbane’s paintings capture the theatre of the natural landscape and render her native island in all its majestic bleakness.  Drawing on themes of beauty and isolation, Kilbane’s paintings engage us viscerally.
Neal Greig
Claremorris Gallery presents an exhibition by Neal Greig, The official opening will take place on Saturday September 15th at 7.30.
Culture Night, Friday Sept 21st at 7.30
As part of Mayo Culture Night, we have invited Dr. Anthony O'Flaherty, psychiatrist and art historian, to present an illustrated talk on Mid-Nineteenth Century Irish Painting.   
Summer Group Exhibition
Claremorris Gallery will present a Summer Group Exhibition featuring paintings by Barrie Cooke, William Crozier, Brian Bourke, Neal Greig, Imelda Kilbane and Anne Donnelly.  The exhibition opens on Saturday July 14th at 7.30 pm and will continue until August 11th.  
Helen O'Toole and Lorraine Wall - Closing this Saturday, Aug. 14th

Claremorris Gallery will present an exhibition of new works by Helen O'toole and Lorraine Wall from July 30th to August 14th.

Michelle Rogers and Philippa Sutherland

We are delighted to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Michelle Rogers and Philippa Sutherland.  The exhibition will open on August 28th and will run from Sept 1st - 17th, to coincide with the Claremorris Open Exhibition.

Brian Bourke Exhibition and Book Launch, July 3rd at 8pm

Claremorris Gallery is delighted to launch brian Bourke five decades 1960s - 2000s, published by Lilliput Press.

The launch of the book, by Mrs. Mary Robinson, will take place on Saturday July 3rd in Claremorris Gallery.  This event will coincide with Winterscapes, an exhibition of new work by Brian Bourke comprising paintings and drawings.   The limited edition of brian bourke, five decades 1960s – 2000s will be available to purchase on this occasion.

Peter Burns and Mary Noonan

Peter Burns
Peter Burns paintings are romantic in essence, playful re-workings of  myths, Biblical stories, art historical, literary and musical themes.  In the paintings people are shown in relation to nature and the universe. Small figures of people and animals exist and roam in a painted world. 

"One painting is heavy, encrusted and knobbled with history.  On another canvas the barest of coloured stains suggest trees. Rudimentary people with eyes and mouth poked into a blob of paint for a head, pale pink hills, bituminous nights. A man climbs a mountain to find nothing. A woman sits hunched beneath a tree made of  an old paint rag. The underworld into which Orpheus descends is the pocket in an old pair of jeans. A man with a telescope looks to the heavens. The milky way is paint flicked on from the brush. Jacob wrestling the angel, Tolstoi walking in the snow, a strange ancestor. Torn paper, balsa wood, powdered pigment."

A variety of techniques are used to enliven the surfaces of the paintings. Chunks of old dried paint from the pallett are attached to the canvas in places, while on other parts of the canvas paint is  scraped off revealing underlying layers.

Exoticism flavours the work with allusions to faraway places, to Japanese art and Russian literature. Infinity is suggested in the sky, in the stars and the planets. They are colourful paintings with a sense of humour. They are daring and experimental, each one a self contained world. Sculptural, suggestive, enigmatic. 

Charles Tyrrell and Paul Mosse
From October 31st - November 14th Claremorris Gallery presents recent work by Charles Tyrrell and Paul Mosse.
Anne Donnelly - Exhibition of paintings

Anne Donnelly's work is a celebration of beauty in the benign. Her lyrical paintings capture a quality of light which is unmistakably Mediterranean. Her masterful manipulation of paint conjures Italian and Greek landscape that harkens to French Impressionism, and her chalky landscape renderings have a nostalgic fresco-like charm.

Bernadette Kiely - The Pollen Record
The Pollen Record presents painting and drawing by Bernadette Kiely inspired by the landscape of North Mayo from 2003 - 2008.
Summer Group Show
Summer Group Show
Sept. 4 - Oct. 14, 2008
Featuring work by John Shinnors. Louis le Brocquy, Donald Teskey, Sean McSweeney, Tony O'Malley, Brian Bourke
LOVE THING - Chris Doris
LOVE THING -Saturday July, 26th - Wednesday August, 13th: Exhibition of recent work by Chris Doris.
PROTAGONIST - Contemporary Art from America
PROTAGONIST - Contemporary Art from America is an exhibition of drawing and photography by three emmerging American artists; Helen Maurene Cooper, Jenny Kendler and Alisha Wessler.  The show is curated by Emma Balazs of Sotheby's Institute, New York.  

May 24 - Jun 14  
Livestock and Landscape - Jay Murphy
Livestock and Landscape presents a selection of recent work by Jay Murphy.  The exhibition is a celebration of humanity found in nature and is inspired by the artist’s time spent in Turkey, Corsica, Germany, Spain and most prominently, her home in Connemara.

April 12 - May 10, 2008
Winter Exhibition
Claremorris Gallery presents recent work by painters, Maeve Curtis, Conor McGrady, Mary Noonan, Lorraine Wall and by sculptor Alva Gallagher.

December 8th - 24th
Brian Bourke - La Chanteuse
An exhibition of recent work by Brian Bourke. Reception: Thursday October 25th at 7.30pm with musical performance by Michele Lally and Frankie Gavin.

Exhibition runs from Octpber 20th to Nov 17th. Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat, 11am to 6pm

La Chanteuse >>

Inaugural exhibition

Reception Saturday October 6th, 7.30 – 9.30pm
Exhibition runs until Sat October 20th
Gallery Hours Tues – Sat 11am to 6pm


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