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  • Please visit exhibitions tab to see all images from Tree bears fruit, a solo exhibition by Michael Wann which runs until Sept 15th open Wed…

7.30pm, Aug. 26th- Michael Wann
Please visit exhibitions tab to see all images from Tree bears fruit, a solo exhibition by Michael Wann which runs until Sept 15th open Wed to Sat 1 - 6pm, and then until Sept 22nd by appointment, (087) 7912337

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7.30pm, July 22 - Kaye Maahs
Kaye Maahs debut solo show, here, there and somewhere in between | land, sea and bog  will open on July 22nd at 7.30pm.

Bernadette Kiely
Claremorris Gallery is pleased to present the colour of distance, an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Bernadette Kiely. The exhibition will open with a reception on Saturday June, 10th, 2017.  The show will run until July 1st, open wed to Sat. 1 - 6pm or by appointment, (087) 791 2337
7.30pm, May 6th: Alice Maher, Zephyr
Zephyr is an exhibition of works on paper by Alice Maher which will open on May 6th at 7.30pm.  The exhibition will continue during gallery hours until May 26th and thereafter by appointment until June 1st.

Zephyr; works on paper by Alice Maher, opens in Claremorris Gallery at 7.30pm, May 6th.  

In Alice Maher’s show Zephyr; works on paper, we see the breadth and variety of her practice in drawing, print and watercolour. Maher’s reference points include art history, mythic narrative and, more recently, medical textbooks. Her shape shifting figures call down and mischievously intervene with the oft times problematic representation of the feminine throughout all of these fields.  Zephuros was the god of the west wind in Greek mythology, and appears on many archaic world maps, blowing ships off course and keeping civilisation confined to the ‘known world’. In Maher’s watercolour, Zephyr, a giant female figure with covered eyes exhales a storm from her open mouth, like a modern dragon in her yellow swimsuit, while in her hand she holds a mysterious amoeba-like object.  This mix of mythic, contemporary and scientific imagery hints at a world of continuous flux, where overlapping elements and intermediate states hold sway.

In her intense watercolours, the inner and outer body enfolds and unfolds simultaneously and elements intermingle in hybrid arrangements. After a recent brush with illness herself, the artist’s works reveal not only an occupation with corporeal transformation, but also a fascination with our contemporary societal unease with the abject, with decay and with death.  A woman carries a monstrous heart upon her back in Hunter; we are not sure if she has birthed herself from this organ or if it is, in fact, devouring her for its own nefarious purposes.  ‘Distilling and braiding a representational web between Hieronymus Bosch and Leonora Carrington’s fantastical subject-object-animal-vegetal transfigurations, Maher’s mutating maids are excessively, incongruently and defiantly within process of becoming and change’, wrote Tina Kinsella on the occasion of Maher’s show The Glorious Maids of the Charnel House at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery in 2016. 

On an altogether different scale, Matrix, a very large charcoal drawing shows the monumental head of what could be a Mantegna saint in three quarters profile, except that from her open cranium sprouts a great Gordian brain-knot, like the dark star in a science fiction film. The wormly halo balancing so artfully and yet so precariously upon this Madonna’s crown, reflects many other works in the show, including The Snail Chronicles, which were made in collaboration with a group of snails fed with vegetable dye so that their coloured trails formed the basis of the 5 prints, and onto these the artist grafted her own enigmatic imagery. 

Another series of 9 dynamic colourful pieces, Reservoir, employs every conceivable print medium including woodcut, engraving, linocut, etching, carborondum, photopolymer and digital to explore imagery from her back catalogue of sketchbooks stretching over a 30-year period. Her work in animation is also represented with a set of intaglio prints titled The History of Things from her film series of that title made in 2009.  Anarchy, ambiguity, creativity and power are all explored, re-presented, and re-deployed to subversive witty purpose in the works of this challenging shape shifting artist.

Zephyr continues at Claremorris Gallery until May 26th , wed to sat, 1 – 6pm and until June 1st by appointment, (087) 7912337.
April 8th at 7.30pm - Island Living
April 8th at 7.30pm - Island Living  features paintings by Aidan Crotty, Paula Pohli, Ann Quinn, Peter Burns and Beatrice O'Connell.
Dec 10th, 7.30pm Christmas Group Exhibition

Mulled wine and Mince Pies at 7.30pm, Saturday December 10th.

Exhibition continues until Christmas Eve and our seasonal visitors are welcome over the festive season by appointment; (087) 7912337

October 29th - November 12th: Breda Burns
Breda Burns' Solo exhibition, Between Tides and Peripheries will run from Oct 29th to 
November 12th, open 1-6pm Monday to Friday, and it will continue open by appointment until November 18th.
The following excerpt is taken from an interview by Ciara Moynan and Breda Burns in the Mayo News. 
7.30, July 23rd - Wild Spaces, Neal Greig and Summer Group Show
Wild Spaces, an solo exhibition by Neal Greig will run alongside our Summer Group Exhibition featuring Bernadette Kiely, Shane Clyne and Imelda Kilbane.  The show opens on Saturday July 23rd at 7.30pm and until August 5th (1 - 6pm, Monday to Friday) and then until August 13th by appointmetn, (087) 791 2337
June 18th at 7.30pm A Foreign Land
A Foreign Land an exhibition of new work by Peter Burns will open on Saturday June 18th at 7.30pm 
May 7th at 7.30pm, Mick O'Dea and Conor McGrady
An exhbition of new work by Mick O'Dea and Conor McGrady will run from May 7th to May 19th, during gallery hours, 1- 6pm, and until May 29th by appointment, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it / 087 7912337
Dec. 5th at 7.30pm: Christmas Group Exhibition

Dec. 5th at 7.30pm: 

Christmas Group Exhibition, featuring Brian Bourke, Peter Burns, Aidan Crotty, Anne Donnelly, Neal Greig, Allyson Keehan, Bernadette Kiely, Chris Leach, Jay Murphy, Mary Noonan, Paula Pohli, Rose Stapleton and Michael Wann.

Below image by Peter Burns

Sept 12th: Charles Tyrrell and Martin Gale
On Saturday Sept 12th at 7.30 an exhibition of new work by Martin Gale and Charles Tyrrell will open at Claremorris Gallery.  Also on the same evening will be the official opening of the Claremorris Open Exhibition, a good night to visit Claremorris! 
some images from upcoming exhibition
Oct. 31st at 7.30pm, Mayo God help us! Exhibition Launch
More info on Mayo God Help Us!
Saturday May 23rd - Two Exhibitions
Two concurrent exhibitions open on Saturday May 23rd at 7.30pm.

Littoral a solo exhibition of new paintings by Imelda Kilbane.

Group Sculpture Exhibition featuring work by Peter Burns, Vanessa Donoso Lopez, John McHugh, Tim Morris and Janet Mullarney.  This show inaugurates Claremorris Gallery's new Sculpture Court.
Saturday March 28th: Quadripartite
Opening reception: this Saturday, 28th of March at 7.30pm.

 Showcasing new work by Brian Bourke, Donald Teskey, Jay Murphy and Gene Lambert.

Sept 13th: Allyson Keehan
This exhibition of new paintings by Allyson Keehan will open at 7.30pm on Sept 13th and will run until October 4th. 
Read Aidan Dunne's review of this exhibition from the Irish Times on Tuesday September 23rd: 

Further Complications of Hybrid Notions – Allyson Keehan
Claremorris Gallery, Co Mayo
Allyson Keehan is best-known for her sumptuous, exact paintings of draped fabrics. Initially her paintings were more conventionally classifiable as still lifes in that they included emblematic objects of personal or economic value positioned against precisely described fabric backgrounds. Gradually the folds of lush, velvet fabric took over. As she put it, her interest shifted from the object to the background and the fall of light across it.
In this recent work, exclusively featuring luxuriant, deep blue swathes, she is also looking beyond the fabric, exploring the nature of painting as representation in relation to the flat, structured support, and the way the flow of drapery both conceals and reveals. Bound up with her treatment of fabric and illusion are ideas of sensuality, luxury, desire, and the body.
All of these considerations, and more, are there, but not explicitly. Perhaps the strongest aspect of her art is that there is no easy, prescriptive meaning or interpretation.
Wed July 2nd at 8pm - Open Mic
Claremorris Gallery will play host to "Get Up Off Your Arts", a long running open mic night that will showcase original material by local writers and performers in the area.  It promises to be an enjoyable evening.  Writers, musicians, performers and listeners all very welcome. Refreshments provided.
21st June - July 11th - "Still Places"
Still Places features new work by Ann Quinn, Chris Leach and Daniel Lipstein.
May 10th - June 6th John Philip Murray
An exhibition of painting and drawing by John Philip Murray will open on May 10th and run until June 6th. More information and images to follow.
March 29th - April 30th George Moore Society's Famine Gollection
The official opening of the exhibition of works selected from the George Moore Society's Famine Collection was performed by Mr Jimmy Deenihan TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affiars last Saturday night.  The exhibition features painting and sculpture by John Behan, Basil Blackshaw, Veronica Bolay, Brian Bourke, Barrie Cooke, William Crozier, Micheal Farrell, Bernadette Kiely, Sean McSweeney, Jay Murphy, Hughie O'Donoghue, Sharon O'Malley, Tony O'Malley, Bernie Predergast, Padraig Reaney, Charles Tyrrell and John Shinnors. 
Bernadette Kiely, Neal Greig and Imelda Kilbane
An exhibition of new paintings by Irish painters Bernadette Kiely, Neal Greig and Imelda Kilbane will be officially opened by Aidan Dunne on Saturday November 30th at 7.30pm.  These three painters share a capacity to interpret their natural surroundings in a fresh and inimitable way.  Each artist twists the landscape a fraction and hands it back to us in an unforgettable light. Coming away from these works the viewer’s appreciation of Irish countryside and shoreline is wonderfully renewed.


October 18th at 7.30 Peter Burns and Mary Noonan
Director of the RHA, Mr. Patrick Murphy will officiall open the exhibition at 7.30pm on Friday October 18th.  This show of new works by Mary Noonan and Peter Burns will continue until November 15th.  For more information and images please visit the exhibitions section of this website.
Culture Night, 20th September 2013
For Culture night this year, we have invited Brian Bourke to do an illustrated talk on his work and that of his contemporary Micheal Farrell.  
Saturday June 15th at 7.30pm
Our Summer Group Exhibition will present new and recent works by Brian Bourke, Fergus Delargy, Neal Greig, Imelda Kilbane, Jay Murphy and Janet Pierce.  This show will run until July 3rd.
Saturday April 20th at 7.30pm
This three person show will feature new work by Aidan Crotty, Gillian Lawler and Ann Quinn.  Please see exhibitions tab for more information and images.
Tues April 2nd - Claremorris Gallery Booker Club
Claremorris Gallery's Booker Club will meet for the first time on Tuesday April 2nd at 7.30pm.

We will then meet on the first Tuesday of every month in Claremorris Gallery. If you would like to discuss Man Booker prizewinning novels in comfortable chairs against the backdrop of beautiful art, please contact Rosemarie via Facebook, at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call/text (087) 791 2337. 

Christmas Group Exhibition
Our Christmas Group exhibition will include new and recent paintings by Peter Burns, Martin Gale, Neal Greig, Chris Leach, Mary Noonan, Marc Reilly and Lorraine Wall. The opening reception is at 7.30 on Saturday December 1st.  The exhibition continues until December 23rd. 
Elements - Imelda Kilbane 27th Oct - 23rd November
The Elements
An Exhibition by Imelda Kilbane
October 27th – Friday November 23rd
The Elements is Imelda Kilbane’s solo exhibition debut.  The artist’s work is inspired by the topography and climate of Achill Island.  Kilbane’s paintings capture the theatre of the natural landscape and render her native island in all its majestic bleakness.  Drawing on themes of beauty and isolation, Kilbane’s paintings engage us viscerally.
Neal Greig
An exhibition of new paintings by Neal Greig will open on Saturday Sept 15th at 7.30.  The show will continue until October 6. Please go to Exhibitions tab for more information and images of works in the show.

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